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I was just reading on the F.A.T. Chance website about the judges and was surprised to discover that Velvet D’Amour would be one of the judges. I started thinking about it and it came to me that she is the perfect choice as a judge and here is why I think that way.


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Feel that you are too big too excercise? Don't fret. One strong woman proves you can be a woman with more and still get in that fitness routine...Fat Girl on a Bike

I’m not sure spending three hours this morning hiking through a stream was the smartest way to finish my training for the week, but it sure was fun. Thankfully, the first round of the big summer project will be printed Sunday and I won’t be stressing over it 24-7.

In the mean time, my cable internet at home is broken (thanks Comcast!) so I’m only able make plans and such from work. It’s going on a 10 hour day and it’s only about 4:30pm.

That said, I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation while running. I find that I can visualize myself running much harder than I allow myself to do. Part of that is because I really am afraid of hurting myself. But the other part of me feels like I should save some energy for the last few yards down the finish line.

Screw that. The 3Sports race is a fast course and I’m expecting to finish under two hours. I know the bike will be fast and I know the swim will be really fast. That leaves the run. And dammit, I’m gonna get that run under 45 minutes this time if it kills me.

OK, I hope it won’t kill me, but this time I’m trying something different: going full out the entire time, especially on the run. No holding back.

I can do this. I know I can. And it’s also time to stop being afraid of running. As long as I’m cautious in terms of form and intensity, there’s absolutely no good reason I don’t allow myself to run full out.

And when I get back from Richmond and I recover, I hope to start a new training plan — of, you know, actually doing that hour+ a day I keep promising myself (and only do every other day.)

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Is Being Fat Considered Cool Now? — Full Figure Plus: "I have been reading other blogs and news reports over the past few days and shaking my head at the fact that some people in the mainstream media have declared being big and curvy is now cool. Stuff like this upsets me becuase it seems with the success of people like Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson it is now ok to be fat.

The latest addition to the “its cool to be fat” syndrome is the movie Hairspray. John Travolta is putting on the fat suit and dancing with Nikki Blonsky to convince the establishment that fat folks deserve a chance to. The 1988 movie with Divine in the role of that John Travolta is playing and Ricki Lake in the other role, did not make fat cool so what is the difference today?"


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YouTube - Velvet D'Amour - video #3: "The lovely Velvet D'Amour with an expose for the Swiss TV show Nouvo (she modelled for Xavier Lambours) - it's in French..... keep up the good work!"

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Kiley has the cutest inspiration ever! I'm speaking of her beautiful daughter. I admire anyone who can manage to do any kind of craft while entertaining, raising, feeding a child. I don't have any children...well, I have a husband and a cat and those are hard enough to manage. Cherry Blossoms Design offers wonderfully delicate and beautiful hair accessories for little girls. Here's Kiley's interview:

What is your craft?
My craft is making beautiful & unique headbands (and other hair accessories) for infants, toddlers, and children.

How did you get started?
I established Cherry Blossoms in 2006 when my baby girl was born. I wanted high quality unique hair accessories that were both beautiful and functional and was unable to find any, so I began making my own. Compliments and inquiries from friends and family followed and after many requests, I decided it was time to make the big jump and begin selling my products.

Hobbyisit or Artisan?
I would have to say both. I believe it started out as a bit of a hobby but it has blossomed into something bigger. Doing this as a full time career plus being a mother and wife takes most of my energy. Not only am I making each item by hand I also am designing them, advertising them, and making sure they are comfortable and look adorable on delicate little heads!

What or who has influenced your art the most?
My daughter, she is my inspiration and My husband, he is my support.

Where do most of your sales come from?
Well I have only been a member of Etsy since the middle of May...I have had one sale so far and that was from a customer in the United Kingdom. I am working on some new designs to hopefully get online this month or next!

Do you have a mantra or any tips for other artisans?
Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! Word of mouth is pretty powerful. Also make a product you like making and that you are proud to sell!

Since this interview, Kiley has sold 9 more items! Congratulations! I know I'll be suggesting this shop to all my friends with little girls! Check out Kiley's Shop on Etsy. She can also be found at
www.myspace.com/cherryblossomsdesign. Thanks so much Kiley!


TA DA!!! Welcome to my new and improved, ever-evolving, cool-looking blog. Thickgurl is still arriving! Thanks to my husband, Thickgurl is constantly changing and it's getting better every time! Thanks Papi!!!

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Presenting a wonderfully talented artist Miranda Hellman.She has some very beautiful paintings which are surreal and thought-provoking. She also makes amazing jewelry, books, and journals in another Etsy store called Mira Artz Here's her interview:

What is your craft?
I am primarily a painter and have shown in various galleries around New York. But I love handmade things and enjoy bookbinding, printmaking, jewelry, puppets and other hands on project I make up. As long as people enjoy the things I make, it makes me very happy.

How did you get started?
When I was in high school I worked for a Jewelry Store In Copenhagen, Denmark. The Woman who owned the store was great, she set me up doing repair work, alterations and custom work. From there I started my own Jewelry line that sold in small boutiques and craft markets.

Hobbyist or artisan?
Artist for life.
I love the arts. I graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Fine Arts, where I majored in painting

What or who has influenced your art the most?
Studying art history keeps me informed, humble and motivated.
I study all the masters living and dead. It’s a long list (so I’m not sure if you want to post that) my mom was good enough to take me to a lot of museums, shows, and the theater growing up.

Where do most of your sales come from?
Most sales come from recommendations from friends. And also people I meet at galleries and craft-shows around town.

Do you have a mantra or any tips for other artisans?
Stay committed and don’t get discouraged. The world today does not support the arts. The truth is that most art today whether it is dance, fine art, craft, theater is supported by the artists themselves. Some days I just what to give up. But then I think back to the short time I had a regular job, and the truth is, crating art is the best thing I know of.

Miranda Hellman has an awesome talent using different mediums and she also has some wonderful insight. Thanks Miranda!

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Curvy Silhouettes » Blog Archive : Voluptuous Woman Company is casting for a movie » Voluptuous Woman Company is casting for a movie

Any lady that is interested in getting into the world of acting there is going to be a movie shoot soon in the Atlanta, GA area.

The Voluptuous Woman Company, Inc. has been chosen to conduct a preliminary casting of plus size women for a movie that will shoot in Atlanta, Georgia and feature a plus size lead.

If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please send a full head shot and body shot along with your name, address, daytime and evening phone number, age, and size to casting@volupwoman.com by Saturday, June 23, 2007.

Casting Requirements:
*Seeking plus size women of all ethnic backgrounds
*Age 21 and up
*Size 16 and up
*Must live in the Atlanta, Georgia area


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Alli Buyers: "They're not fat." | Big Fat Blog: "...So said the manager of a Walgreens in Santa Monica, California, where alli - the over-the-counter anal leakage weight loss drug - is selling well. 90 capsules, 60 bucks.

The tone of the piece suggests that buyers don't care about anal leakage; they just care if it works or not. And I'm sure, so sure, that this will be the one that works. Yep. Sad.

'I've tried so many other things,' said Monique Brown, a Santa Monica legal secretary who says she's been through Metabolife, CortiSlim and various products, some of which made her jittery. She dreams of losing 30 pounds.

At least, alli won't make her jittery, she said. 'I'm just willing to give it a try. There are side effects to a lot of things…. I work in an office and I sit all day. There's a bathroom right there. We've all worked together a long time. If you have to go, you have to go.'"

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Ruben Esq's SketchBlog: Short Cuts If you haven't seen his work yet, you are missing some keen BBW erotica to tickle the fancy of that special man, (or woman) in your life. - Unita

I've gotten a few comments that I should draw women with short hair. I personally prefer long hair on women. I like seeing it and I like drawing it. I don't have too many drawings of women with short hair. If I do, it's because it fits a specific character, or I couldn't think of an interesting long style to draw.

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Tracey is a crafter in the true sense of the the word. She's got her hand in everything from jewelry to photography, knitting to card making. Like many crafters she wants to do it all, and she does! Here's her interview:

My main craft is jewelry design. But I also do many, many others. I'm a craft-aholic, I guess you can say *laugh* I also make cards, soaps, home-made remedies using essential oils and other things, decopauge and I make different items with polymer clay- including pendants and charms. I am soon going to be launching the Doe-Doe Dilly Bird line :) I also love photography and offer both matted and unmatted photos- some are digitally enhanced, but most are not. I am also working on something new, which I am VERY excited about. It's an invention that everyone (most who love electronics) will be able to use. I sent off for an inventor's kit for it *lol* Patent may be pending soon- not sure, it's so expensive! But it'll be making it's debut soon!!

I got started in crafts, in general, several years ago when I was in my early 20's. Hubby and I was in Wal-Mart and I saw a needlepoint kit I really loved. I told hubby I wanted it and he said, "You haven't ever done anything like that. You're not the crafty type. You can't do that." WRONG WORDS! Don't ever tell me I can't do something! So, of course I bought it and the rest is history. One thing lead to another. My sister is the one who got me into jewelry design. I kept telling her that I wasn't going to get into it, that I didn't need another hobby. But since I'm a rock, crystal and gem collector- it too seemed to be just a natural escalation.

I'm both a hobbyist and artisan. In my jewelry, I'm definitely an artisan. I call myself a Jewelry Artisan and Craftsman.

I'm not really sure anyone has influenced me the most. I'm a lover of all arts and appreciate all different styles and mediums, even if it is not my taste or forte. I respect all who do their art well and take it seriously. I find beauty in all things handcrafted and still find myself in 'awe' at the many wonderful things people create.
If I had to pick one person, I'd have to say, God. Seriously, when I look around at our earth and even in my backyard, early in the morning at just the pure beauty of the colors around, beneath and above me- I'm always amazed. And I always say, "Wow, God, you're an awesome craftsman!" or "Wow, what awesome craftsmanship!" *smiles*

To others I'd say, try not to get too disappointed when sales are down. (And I try to take my own advice) try to remember the reason you do your craft in the first place. We all do our craft(s) because we love making things with our own hands. It's a stress-reducer. We do it because it makes us happy and content while we are creating and proud of our achievement once it's completed. Now that we are selling our work, it can sometimes have the exact opposite effect than the whole initial reason for beginning our craft. Don't let the business side take the joy and peace away from you. Sometimes, we need to step back, take a deep breath and put things into perspective.

Thanks for the opportunity to share with others! I invite everyone to stop by my shop and keep checking back for the new items that will be making an appearance soon :)
I'm also opening a new store at mainstreetonlinemall- so you can find me at:




I hope sellers take what Tracey says to heart because she's got a lot of good points. Thanks Tracey!

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Are you ready for Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance? — Full Figure Plus

I must say that I am looking foward to the debut of the third season of Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance. If you haven’t had a chance to see the winners of the America Votes video contest check them out. These lades will have a chance to be part of the group heading to Paris.

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I am always intrigued by the male species of the craft world. They usually have a very interesting and different perspective when it comes to design. Choctaw's designs have quite a range from simple to intricate and Native American to modern. He has some wonderful creations and interesting influences. My most favorite it the armadilla ring, entitled Armando Armadillo.

Here's his interview (R.J.'s, that is, not Armando Armadillo):

I'm from the ghetto,homie. I was raised on bread & baloney. Never mind. I thought I was at open mike night at Rick's Flat Cat Bar & Grill.

I'm R.J. of www.choctaw.etsy.com and I'm addicted to silversmithing. It started out simply enough. I had just bought the single best men's sterling silver ring on earth at the time. It cost $175.00 back in the day. It was made of opal ,coral and turquoise. It had so much intricate work in it that it still amazes me.
I returned to purchase a sterling buckle and bracelet when it dawned on me that I could teach myself smithing if I bought the tools instead.

I began making gifts for Indian friends for birthdays. In months, orders began pouring in. I began doing shows and then opened a shop in a steel building because I am allergic to brick & mortar.

I kind of do my own thing. I don't feel limited to making only native american style jewelry just because I am one.

I am very deeply influenced by my dreams at night. I see all kinds of images and sketch them upon awakening. I am also influenced by late 1800's Choctaw jewelry seldom seen outside of local homes or museums.

Nature itself teaches me great lessons in design as well as in living.I am surrounded by wildlife as I live on 2 acres in the woods.
My philosophy is to try to create something beautiful everyday.
That makes me very happy.
A few tips to others might be to strive to be your very best at your craft. I am self-taught but you don't have to be. Use only the best materials available. Make things that will last. Pour your heart into it.
I still take custom orders,especially for rings. It thrills me to hear how happy someone is to wear it.

R.J. is also a comic. He's performing on Etsy 24/7 and he'll be on my blog all week!

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Here's some insight to one of the many wonderful metalsmiths who are emerging on Etsy. Harmony Metals offers a wonderful selection of creative, one-of-a-kind precious metal jewelry. Here is her interview:

What is your craft?
I call myself a metalsmith...

How did you get started?
I went to college origionally for animation...a crafts course was required to graduate and luckily I took that early on...I chose jewelry fabrication and fell in love...so I switched majors...got my BFA in metalsmithing...and now here I am....

Hobbyist or artisan?
Definitely not a hobby...though I would do this for the rest of my life even if I didn't make any money...I just love creating unique pieces....

What or who has influenced your art the most?

I really don't have a lot of influence...to be honest I don't even really look at a lot of other jewelers work...I guess what drives me is to create something different...with my pieces...no two are alike...so I try to keep that going...

Where do most of your sales come from?
I make sales on etsy...and I get a lot of custom requests from friends and family...

Do you have a mantra or any tips for other artisans?
I would tell people to continue doing what drives you and makes you happy...never give up or feel defeated...there are a lot of people out there doing the same work...but you have to believe in yours...

It's always interesting to find out how people got started doing their craft and this was yet another example of the almost accidental emergence of a talented artist. Check out Harmony Metal's store on Etsy. You may find something you like for yourself or for someone special.

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